Description of the picture by Frans Sneijders "Fish shop"

Description of the picture by Frans Sneijders

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Frans Sneijders ’Fish Shop, located in the State Hermitage, cannot but amaze with its rich composition. The picture combines elements that can in no way be compatible in reality. The only thing they have in common is their habitat. And this is the underwater world.

Sneijders' work displays various aquatic creatures that are laid out in a display case as a commodity. At the same time, only a small part of them have a presentation. First, she is striking. This is especially promoted by the bright red colors that the artist endowed them with. These are two juicy pieces of red fish. The upper mount, on which the fish hangs, was especially bright.

Further, the gaze goes to the massive carcasses of gray fish of various species. Some of them are already dead, but most of them still show signs of life. This is a huge pike, which has a mouth-watering appearance. And crayfish, crabs and lobsters trying to leave the shop.

However, this swarming mountain has some unattractive elements. For example, a large black fish in the left side. Its open mouth is able to frighten off the buyer more than attract. The same goes for the octopuses, from whose tentacles the mucus flows.

At the bottom of the shop there are representatives of the animal world inappropriate for fish trade. A miniature killer whale, similar in size to a dolphin. Unlike other inhabitants of the shop, she seems to laugh. The big black seal does not go unnoticed, which is not at all a familiar product for port shops. He aggressively grimaces at the cat, which hisses at him in response.

The merchant himself is the least striking. However, there are reasons for this. The fact is that Sneijders did not like to draw people on his canvases. Therefore, other artists did it for him. In view of this, the seller seems inconspicuous among the bright components of the Fish Shop. Moreover - he seems to be superfluous here.

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