Description of the sculpture by Ivan Shadr "Cobblestone weapons of the proletariat"

Description of the sculpture by Ivan Shadr

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In Moscow, in the December Uprising Park, there is a bronze sculpture called "Cobblestone - the weapon of the proletariat." Its creator is the Russian and Soviet sculptor Ivan Dmitrievich Shadr, who worked at the junction of two eras.

This work is one of the best examples of realism of the Soviet period. The sculpture is a collective image of the representative of the proletariat, ready to fight its oppressors. This is a figure of a worker who breaks out a stone from a cobblestone pavement. He looks with hatred towards his enemy and is ready at any moment to launch him with his cobblestone.

The sculptor did not create the figure of a soldier or a killer, but a simple hard worker, an honest man who was desperate by the situation and was ready to do anything to fight. This proletarian did not plan to fight the powers that be, did not develop a strategy and tactics. He has no weapons, and he hardly knows how to use them. All that he can oppose to his enemies in the struggle for freedom is an ordinary cobblestone from the pavement.

Shadr molded his work with high accuracy, observing all the anatomical proportions. The sculptor worked on the work in accordance with the canons of classical sculpture - this is noted by all art critics. In addition to anatomical accuracy, the same expression can be traced in the figure of the worker, which marked the classical antiquities of the “Discobolus” or “David” type.

At the same time, classical sculpture is saturated with modern content - the hero of the revolutionary period, who is ready for anything for the sake of freedom and the overthrow of the unjust system. Interestingly, contemporaries of Shadr did not favor his sculpture, accusing the author of artificiality and unnaturalness.

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