Description of the sculpture by Francois Auguste Rodin "Eternal Spring"

Description of the sculpture by Francois Auguste Rodin

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Imagery and symbolism, perhaps this is the basis of the sculptural group "Eternal Spring" by Auguste Rene Rodin, a French sculptor, whose heyday fell at the end of the 19th century. The rhythm of life, the foundations of society changed, and the artist felt the impending changes before others. His art is original and innovative.

“Eternal Spring” - personifies the awakening of feelings. The sculptural composition was created on the basis of the author's real experiences during the period of falling in love with Camila Claudel. His desire power, unstoppable passion was embodied in marble. Under the magical hands of the master, the lifeless stone seems to breathe, transmitting the heartbeat of the lovers.

Looking at the sculpture, we see a meeting of a young man and a girl in the park. Their bodies are naked and aesthetically perfect. The young girl is completely surrendered to the power of feelings, her body is open, her right hand is thrown back behind her head, she trusts her chosen one all over herself. Roden, working with sitters, insisted that they do not pose, but behave at ease. He tried to grasp those fleeting gestures: head tilts, body turns that tell about feelings more than words. The sculptor caught moments, captured them in drawings, and then materialized in stone.

The body of the young man is perfect: smooth lines, elastic muscles, perfect torso. A complex movement, a passionate impulse was skillfully conveyed in his body. With one hand he clings to the crown of the tree, with the other he energetically attracts his beloved. His head bent over the thrown back head of the girl, his lips are ready to merge in a passionate kiss. Working on a male figure, Rodin relied on the first feeling that gripped him at the sight of Camille. He forever remembered not only her delightful blue eyes and a shock of red hair, but the tremulous sensation that gripped him.

“Eternal Spring” is a delightful hymn of love, sung by Rodin.

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