Description of the monument to the keyboard in Yekaterinburg

Description of the monument to the keyboard in Yekaterinburg

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If you are lucky enough to visit Yekaterinburg, then start exploring the sights of the city from the monument to the keyboard. Yes, yes, yes, it was her, now almost native in every home, computer keyboard, in 2005 that was given an honorable place.

Initially, the project of Anatoly Vyatkin was timed to coincide with the festival on the history of Yekaterinburg, but it did not acquire any status or recognition from officials. But the townspeople and tourists had a funny architectural structure to their liking. The idea turned out to be so relevant that by 2011 the monument to the keyboard was among the ten most visited sights of the city.

So what is he like? This is a thirty times enlarged copy of a regular keyboard. Each button is similar to the one that we see daily before our eyes. Letters, signs, Shift and Enter, space bar - choose and admire. A total of 104 keys in the construction, cast from concrete. The area allocated for the monument is 64 m2.

In the classical version, we cannot call the monument to the keyboard a sculptural composition. This is more a tribute to communication, which is going to a new level at the present stage. The keyboard acts as a symbol of unity of people. An uncountable amount of the world's population spends hours every day at the keyboard, whether it be work, a computer game or e-mail.

Each key in the sculptural composition acts as an impromptu bench, especially since the monument is logically inscribed in the landscape design. Companies of young people happily stop here to dream on the letter "A" or go over the three-meter space bar. Residents dream of complementing the composition with a computer mouse and monitor.

The keyboard monument has an attractive and bewitching effect, leaving few indifferent. This is a kind of cultural phenomenon that can provoke and surprise.

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