Description of the painting Amedeo Modigliani “Sitting nude on the couch”

Description of the painting Amedeo Modigliani “Sitting nude on the couch”

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Modigliani's painting, depicting a girl sitting on a sofa in a nude, is one of the most glorious paintings of the master. Modigliani died in complete poverty, and his paintings are now sold at record prices. The most record number for the price belongs to the work of the great artist, the Naked heroine, sitting in thought, on the couch.

Experts call this picture of the master a triumph of nudity. In addition, the picture is put on an equal footing with the beauty of the naked natures of Botticelli, as well as Velazquez. Some nudity caused outrage. At one exhibition, paintings of naked women were deemed to be disrespectful to the female gender. These works were considered indecent and immoral paintings. In addition, according to the instructions of the police, the canvases were removed and not shown at the exhibition.

But, despite this reaction, there were those people who appreciated the works of Modigliani, including the Nude painting, a masterpiece of the artist. In this work of the artist, as in all others, you can see a combination of sophisticated style and purity, humanism and symbolism. Another picture reflects a feeling of absolute fullness and uncontrollable joy in life. Among other things, you can experience the experiences of torment of conscience, which the master transmitted.

Yes, in order to understand the soul of a great man and the significance of his painting, one must also have an aesthetic taste and love of art. The heroine’s gaze can tell about what thoughts visit her, that she is oppressed and worried. Some may see themselves in the girl’s gaze.

Almost nothing is known about the life of Modigliani. Therefore, his paintings can tell us about him. They are able to do this in the best way, since it is in art that a person opens himself to the world. A naked lady is also able to tell us not only about herself, but also about her great master.

Raksha Yuri

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