Description of the painting Isaac Levitan "The Hut in the Meadow"

Description of the painting Isaac Levitan

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Levitan is called a “mood artist” and a “singer of Russian nature,” and just look at his paintings to feel with all your heart why this is so. All of his landscapes are permeated with his mood - you can find cheerful and sad, joyful and dreary, permeated with fear and expectation, and, on the contrary, radiating hope and light.

Until the first glance at them, it seems that it is impossible to so accurately convey the pain and happiness of the human soul through the image of nature - always Russian nature - but once you look, you will not be able to forget.


The hut in the meadow ”is no exception. This is a landscape mood that responds with a premonition of good. It seems to be nothing special - a squat hut between two tall trees, a scattering of fluffy faded dandelions in a green meadow, a tiny pond, overgrown with tall grass and only a tiny edge reflecting the sky ...

But all this is written in such warm, so precise colors that the mood rises and it seems that everything will turn out for the better. The summer afternoon of the picture - a tiny cloud floating in the sky, written very accurately and gently, in the usual quivering manner of Levitan - makes us believe that in reality the summer will come, in which everything will be fine.

In addition, like any good picture, the landscape wakes up imagination - it is easy to imagine how a young girl, almost a girl, in simple homespun clothes will come out of the hut and go to tear dandelions, blow soft white fluff from them, make wishes and laugh. Or two children will run out, start to run among the flowers, raise a whole dandelion storm, and then fall asleep in the soft grass.

"The hut in the meadow" pushes to such thoughts and fantasies, provokes them. And this is pleasant, because without a picture a person does not always have time and desire to think about laughing children himself

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