Description of the painting Alexei Savrasov "The Storm"

Description of the painting Alexei Savrasov

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Famous artist Alexei Savrasov has always loved to depict nature paintings during a thunderstorm. This interest in romantic landscapes was instilled in him by a painting teacher Rabus. Lighting effects, color scheme in the image of a thunderstorm Savrasov conveyed very skillfully.

The artist wrote the painting entitled "Thunderstorm" in 1856. This painting has become the clearest example of art from the period of realism. The genre of Savrasov's painting is a landscape, when writing which the artist used the technique of fine art - oil.

A thunderstorm is approaching.

On the left you can see a huge bifurcated tree, which moves under the influence of a gusty wind. There is a thunderous smell in the airspace. On the left are forest trees that are still falling from a gust of wind.

The color of the canvas is the saturation of a dark color. Everything looks so gray that thunderclouds are not even visible. Such a picture is even unusual, despite such a seemingly simple name. In it, the painter proved himself to be a subtle artist and a true brush master, depicting something unusual. The canvas "Thunderstorm", painted in dark colors, reminds viewers that something very harsh and terrible is happening.

The artist filigree conveyed the disheveled trees, the pomp of the blurry clouds that fill most of the canvas. As we see, Savrasov wanted to show the viewer an image of nature during a thunderstorm. He succeeded, because it seems that a thunderstorm has captured some vast expanses.

On the one hand, such a formidable element scares a person, but the hope is warming that everything will pass soon and the darkness will disappear. This picture cannot but please the viewer, although it is rather gloomy, because the artist very skillfully conveyed, the elements are so strong.

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