Description of the painting Isaac Levitan “The Station”

Description of the painting Isaac Levitan “The Station”

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A special period in the work of I. In this city, the artist was indulged in special inspiration, and many works written during these periods were recognized as one of the best in his work.

Plyos was an ordinary patriarchal town in which the artist, as it turned out, managed to discover many poetic, quiet and beautiful corners. A special place in the landscapes of Levitan was occupied by the Volga. The artist came to the city three times and during this time managed to draw about two hundred works. Experts consider all these creations to be the basis of the author’s fame.

The painting "Station" refers to the early work of the artist. In his work Levitan captured the extraordinary poetry of the railway. At that time, for Russian painting, this direction, in principle, did not exist, therefore Levitan can be considered a pioneer.

And this is not surprising, because it was not in vain that he was considered an innovative artist. He constantly found new original plots and compositions for paintings that could perfectly reflect the beauty of Russian nature.

In the work of “Semi-station”, the author captured the railway station and the rails, sweeping deep into the forest. The picture is quite dynamic, any viewer gets the impression that a fast train is on the road, which is about to arrive at the station. And indeed, in the distance, one can see his red eyes and white smoke.

A lonely station, waiting for his arrival, seemed to freeze in the middle of a green field. The picture is not souls. Only the tranquility and balance of the green forest, and the dusk of evening falling to the ground.

The weather is calm, even, but not hot, the sky is clean, but at the same time very cold. It’s as if an autumn breeze is walking across the field. A dark pillar stands alone at the station, attracting all the attention of the viewer.

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