Description of the painting by Vladimir Borovikovsky "Children with the Lamb"

Description of the painting by Vladimir Borovikovsky

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Oil painting on canvas in 1790.

Borovikovsky is one of the great and latest artists of the Enlightenment. He was born in Ukraine, created many paintings on a historical and church theme. He was a master of portraiture. The beginning of his work was in childhood. He was born in the family of an icon painter, which influenced the formation of his creative preferences. Borovikovsky began to paint icons and paintings on religious topics.

The next stage that changed his whole life was the visit of Catherine the Second to the Crimea. She saw the artist’s canvases and was impressed by them. Catherine ordered to introduce her to the author, after which he fell under her grace for life. Since then, he moved to St. Petersburg.

The canvas "Children with the Lamb" was created in 1790, during the heyday of the artist. Then there were created many famous paintings that were able to compete with great canvases around the world. Borovikovsky was able to convey in detail very accurately the images of people of that generation. His canvases are filled with romanticism and lightness.

Borovikovsky did not have a family, he did not have children. He led a closed lifestyle, devoting himself to creativity and religion. But, despite the fact that he had no children, he painted their portraits with special tenderness and love.

On the canvas "Girls with the Lamb" two little ladies are depicted. By their clothes it is clear that the girls from a wealthy family, perhaps they belonged to the royal court. They wear beautiful dresses and shoes that were characteristic of the fashion of the time. They are very similar to each other, which suggests that the little ladies are sisters. Only hair color distinguishes them from each other.

On the canvases of Borovikovsky it is often possible to meet animals. They give the work an extra meaning. The girls along with the lamb are located in the foreground of the picture, they are its main emphasis, as if specially highlighted by the rays of the sun.

Nowadays, it is not known what techniques the great master of portraiture and church painting used. It is known that Borovikovsky was left-handed.

The canvas is in storage at the Ryazan Regional Art Museum.

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