Description of Claude Monet's Anemones

Description of Claude Monet's Anemones

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Monet is a French impressionist, like all his colleagues in the genre, who sought to most fully grasp the surrounding reality and transfer it to paper, because time is running out constantly and unable to catch it with human strength, unless with a brush and paints.

He began, however, with caricatures - with his help he gained early fame and was very popular in his city. This period ended by a fluke - he met a mature artist (initially Monet did not like him in absentia), who showed Monet nature, directed his sharp eye, attention to details, the ability to quickly grasp and the right hand to capture something worthwhile. And Monet, who at first did not feel any trepidation before the world, through his own work began to realize how beautiful he was and to work on capturing it with the zeal and vivacity that were always inherent in him.

"Anemones" - a simple still life of him, which depicts simple flowers. They are not placed in a vase, they do not emanate from the pathos of roses or the elevation of hyacinths - they grow in simple pots, the ground in them is moist and loose. The flowers themselves are multi-colored, bright, they stand out against an even background of green, pale lilac, different shades of brown, like tropical birds in a middle-range forest.

They were painted with light quick strokes, very accurately and at the same time a little carelessly, several colors are cut off by the edge of the picture, as if all their brightness could not fit on it. Perhaps the artist depicted someone's small garden, which impressed him with his frivolity and naturalness. Flowers will bloom forever, even when the human world is gone, they don’t get angry, they don’t slander, they don’t lie - they just eat, delight with their beauty, delight with their smell.

A frozen moment with flowers that in reality have long faded - "Anemones."

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