Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “Fight in the Strait of Chios”

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “Fight in the Strait of Chios”

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Aivazovsky - the most famous of the Russian artists, marine painters, he is known for his most famous painting "The Ninth Wave." Of the genres, he preferred landscapes - mainly marine or having at least some relation to the sea - or historical scenes.

“Fight in the Strait of Chios” - from the last. It depicts one of the battles of the Russian-Turkish war that occurred in 1770 in the Chios Strait of the Mediterranean Sea. In that battle, the Turks had a strong advantage - 16 battleships, 6 frigates, about fifty small ships. The Russians had only 9 battleships.

In that battle, a rather risky trick was applied. Knowing that the enemy had a large numerical superiority, the command decided to converge with him, following an even line perpendicular to the location of the enemy ships. During the execution of the maneuver, the Russian ships were deprived of the opportunity to shoot, but they gained great speed and secured themselves a quick rapprochement. In addition, the enemy had to shoot at a tangent, which did not contribute to accuracy.

The first ship in the line was "Europe." In the middle of the maneuver, she lost control due to damage and was forced to rebuild, becoming the third ship from the first ship. The first was the "Saint Eustache", who concentrated fire on the "Burj u Zafer" - the flagship of the Turks, equipped with 80 guns. As a result of the attack, a fire broke out on the flagship, the sailors threw themselves into the water, hoping to escape, and the “Holy Eustache”, having lost control, collided with their ship on its sides.

This moment is depicted in the picture of Aivazovsky. Two ships collide, hot smoke is falling from them, the right one, “Saint Eustathius”, heels very heavily, being left without the ability to maneuver. And behind them, colliding, the rest of the Russian ships follow in a straight line.

In that battle, the Turks suffered a defeat.

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