Illustration for Pushkin's poem The Bronze Horseman by Alexander Benois

Illustration for Pushkin's poem The Bronze Horseman by Alexander Benois

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Artistic illustrations by Alexander Benois to this day are considered the best image of Pushkin's works. Benoit began work on a series of works for The Bronze Horseman in 1903 and in order to achieve such perfection he needed to spend 20 years. During this time, the artist drew a whole cycle of intros, endings, sketches and interpretations of the story.

Benoit performs his first 32 drawings with black ink and watercolors. The artist worked on reworking the paintings in 1905 and subsequent years. Among the entire ego cycle is the theme of the pursuit of a man by a rider, depicting the brutal strength and power of a rider.

Petersburg in his works does not look like himself. This is a gloomy little town with small houses, fences and retail space. No amazing architectural works, palaces, nothing. The reflection of anxiety and excitement, which often engulfed the artist, resulted in a terrible story of the fate of a Russian person.

The artist is constantly working on a series, supplementing his paintings with more and more new elements. In his works, he tried to depict the thoughts and experiences of man on the threshold of the 20th century. It was this feature of them that made the illustrations very modern, striking the eyes of every generation of art lovers.

The entire series of illustrations was imbued with that particular sense of style that Benoit had. He, like no one else, understood the era of the writer, as well as the basics of theatrical mastery, which allowed him to come up with such believable scenes.

His works managed to bridge between the classical era of Pushkin and modernity in which Benoit lived. His admirers were pleasantly struck by the novelty of the paintings, the detailing of the Pushkin era in a modern sense.

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