Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Fallen tree”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Fallen tree”

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Different works have this great landscape painter. In different ways, he managed to show the harsh Russian nature. Almost the entire diversity of the Russian natural complex with its costs in the form of rain, snow, drought ... We got a lot of paintings from this artist and almost all of them have been known to us since childhood. His amazing work and then delighted visitors to exhibitions or galleries. And now they cause no less excitement over time. But quite a few have passed.

It would seem that nothing unusual is shown on the canvas. We just see in front of us a tree that has fallen off of medium size. It would seem that a tree that was powerful in structure turned out to be actually rotten inside. Exactly what inside it rotted and caused its fall. Even though the roots of the tree were powerful and deeply rooted in the ground. This did not save the tree from death. And yet, it is certainly not just that the painter depicted this tree. Not just ...

Even then, the spirit of freedom roamed throughout Russia, which later led to the overthrow of the imperial family and the revolution. When you think purely historically, looking at this canvas, you begin to assume that it is just about that time. The tree outwardly seemed as powerful as the Russian empire until 1913, but as it turned out, society was completely unprepared for change, which is why it collapsed. From above - powerfully, internally - rot. Here it is the symbolism of the artist. Although in reality few people can say exactly why this painting was born. Maybe the author thought differently. Now you won’t even ask.

But the canvas was greeted by enthusiastically simple people, but officials met this canvas clearly with caution. Shishkin, however, few could call a revolutionary. Rather, he was an innovator in his business - an innovator, landscape painter, and more he did not need anything. Although who knows, who knows ...

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