Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Flowers at the edge of the forest”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Flowers at the edge of the forest”

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No wonder they say that Shishkin is a painter of the Russian forest. Perhaps this is the most correct definition of the paintings of the great painter. How many of them are different and varied! And there seems to be nothing at all - a simple forest, but no. Shishkin’s forest is not simple, but full of beauty and mysteries, full of stunning colors and shades.

All this artist amazingly reliably conveys to us from the canvases and there is such a pleasant sensation of saturation, delight and personal presence in those places that he depicted. Here is the same thing with this canvas.

We are at the edge of the forest. This is the most beautiful meadow, because a bright sun often penetrates here and this helps to bloom different plants, which are large consumers of sunlight. But now it’s a little dark at the edge of the forest, and therefore we have the opportunity to make out the canvas without squinting our eyes. And here is the whole variety of forest vegetation.

First of all, grass, it is presented here in different shades: from dark green to light yellow. That is, we can assume that we were in the August forest. The crown on the trees is dark green, saturated. Through the trees, by the way, another glade is visible, which is illuminated by the sun. That is, autumn clouds probably already roam in the sky. And all this is not a frozen picture on canvas. All this breathes, as it were, the feeling is that all this is filled with vital energy.

Shishkin possessed such a talent that not every artist was given. Even a simple thing, even if not animate, he could revive and do something amazing on the canvas - to make him believe that it was moving. Of course, this is a purely visual effect, our imagination, but what a force! Perhaps that is why the artist’s canvases are still so popular that even children and those can easily guess the author. And this is a recognition that the author more than enough during his lifetime and now a hundredfold field of his departure comes.

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