Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso Pierrot

Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso Pierrot

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The Spanish artist and decorator Pablo Picasso was the founder of cubism in the genre of painting. His works were permeated by the era of classicism. This orientation was accompanied by strict canons, which gave the images forms corresponding to the universe. The artist loved the cubic style, as the paintings were distinguished by their subtlety of conveying feelings.

Pierrot's work was created during the period of the classical beginning of even forms. The acting game for Picasso has become a significant side in the image of cubic images. A sad puppet hero is depicted in a chair with his head bowed. His thoughtful look reminds you of feelings when you need to go on stage, and you are afraid and lost. Pierrot, in fact, always acts as the sad and tragic hero of the theatrical game.

When painting, the artist clearly expresses the actor’s white costume, with some multi-colored lines. The directness and gloominess of the actor makes observers freeze. Pierrot could not use time for a happy life. His destiny is to play on stage, and entertain the audience. The flow of colors in the theater room is more reminiscent of the thinker's study, as evidenced by the book on the table. In general, the picture is composed compositionally and correctly, which emphasizes the professionalism of the artist.

The giant labor force shows not only the sensitivity of the painter to creative issues, but also speaks of his personality. A complete listing of the artist's life cycles is found in each of his work. The embodiment of many paradoxes captivates the viewer, and draws him into the world of inspiration.

The traditional style of painting was always present in the masterpieces of Picasso; he skillfully recreated images, both a challenge to the past and reality. Pablo Picasso is a successful figure, creativity, which almost never succumbed to criticism.

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