Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich “Oak and Dryads”

Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich “Oak and Dryads”

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The painting “Oak and Dryads” was painted by Kazimir Malevich in 1908. This period of his work is considered to be early, then he had not yet switched to Suprematism, which made him famous throughout the world. Art historians define the style of this painting as symbolism. The painting, in which Malevich refers to ancient mythological subjects, is currently stored in one of the private collections.

Many Russian and foreign artists in their works turn to the image of a mighty strong oak. “Oak and Dryads” by K. Malevich is a picture on a fairy-tale theme in folklore performance. The canvas depicts a bright red thick mighty oak tree with sweeping wide branches. Malevich made the oak red due to the frequent use of this color in folklore painting.

It is also assumed that the oak is red from the fact that its autumn leaves burn with red. On mighty branches and on the ground under an oak tree, girls of extraordinary beauty, the dryads, settled in the most diverse poses. They are mythical creatures. They live in an oak tree and guard it. In the picture, the dryads - the spirits of the tree - frolic, they cheerfully swing on the branches of the oak tree, jump and dance. Long hordes of black and red hair flutter to the beat of their movements. One of the young dryads, having run into plenty, exhausted lies under an oak tree, amassing strength.

Dryads, personify the soul of the tree, while they are here - the oak tree is alive and full of strength. In a light green clearing at the foot of a majestic oak, Malevich writes flowers rather schematically.

For the artist, the mighty oak, transferred to the canvas, is a symbol of life (as well as for many other artists, writers and poets). It is a symbol of life for dryads, because this is their home, a quiet and peaceful place, a haven of solitude. The symbolism of life is emphasized by the image of huge acorns hanging in large numbers from the branches of a tree. They are surrounded by a bright halo.

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