Description of the painting by Konstantin Trutovsky “Carols in Little Russia”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Trutovsky “Carols in Little Russia”

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The artist Trutovsky has one characteristic difference among many artists, any of his paintings were carefully prepared and executed. “Carols in Little Russia” is no exception.

Before the next painting by the artist was declared finished, she experienced a huge number of sketches in pencil, watercolors and drawing all the details. This fertility is also visible in this picture. Despite the fact that the master especially liked to depict various everyday scenes of Ukrainian residents, he also liked to depict, to one degree or another, various landowners, namely their mores and some sketches with them.

It is worth noting that in all such paintings, one can notice a certain sharpness in his amazing observation, wit and a delicate sense of tact, if necessary, make an “injection” with the help of paints in those places where it is most relevant. Unfortunately, looking at this work, one can notice a fairly common mistake, which is repeated by the author from picture to picture.

Firstly, it is clear that the artist still has an insufficiently high level of artistic training.

Secondly, it is worth adding that his haste of work is visible, and hasty brush strokes are visible, which, unfortunately, are sometimes not able to reliably and as accurately as possible convey an idea that was cleverly conceived, but not so well executed.

Despite all these negative aspects, this picture is executed at a fairly decent level, some images are made so naturally that it does not allow us to say about any mistakes or nuances made during the work. The plot construction itself is also quite interesting and colorful. Especially vividly looks snow and glare.

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