Description of the painting Kuzma Sergeevich Petrov-Vodkin “1919. Anxiety"

Description of the painting Kuzma Sergeevich Petrov-Vodkin “1919. Anxiety

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Oil painting on canvas. The artist depicted a poor family in which two children. Poverty is emphasized by the surrounding interior: on the windows there are usual rag curtains on ropes, once beautiful pink wall-paper on the walls in many places broke off and cracked, exposing wretched, ugly walls. The clothes of all households are very modest, faceless, although bright in color.

But the main point of the image is not at all in the poverty of the drawn characters. The main thing is a persistent feeling of fear, anxiety, something threatening. All members of the family froze in a daze and are waiting for something terrible. Some kind of event that can turn their entire modest modest, but such a sweet and cozy life.

And this expectation is clearly read on the faces of the mother and older child, daughter. It is guessed in the figure of a father frozen at the window, who in intense silence peers into the darkness of the night, trying to make out the outlines of the impending disaster. And only a small child sleeps calmly and sweetly in his bed, hiding in a beautiful patchwork quilt.

But why are they so afraid? We will find the answer if we look at the name of the painting given to her by the artist. 1919, Civil War. Terrible, with tears and grief, sparing neither family, nor fathers, nor children. It is she who terrifies this whole strong, friendly and such a sweet family. Everything can collapse overnight, they can lose each other, their fragile world can break. This is what causes them concern. This is confirmed by the author himself in an interview about his picture.

In general, the picture turned out to be very bright and rich both in the color palette, and in themes and plot. A lot of drawn small details of the room’s atmosphere, emotions reflected on the faces of family members, the pose in which the father stands - everything is thought out by the author to the smallest detail and very expressively.

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