Description of the picture of Mikaloyus Čiurlionis "Friendship"

Description of the picture of Mikaloyus Čiurlionis

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Mikalojs Čiurlionis was a very quiet and dreamy person. Born in Lithuania in 1875. He lived his life richly, but not for long - only 36 years.

The musician and artist in one person, loved to work around the clock, although he constantly lacked the means to live. He beautifully subtly and sincerely felt the music. He was called the musical wizard. However, his compositions were not published and rarely performed. Despite this, fame came to him only after his death.

His music was lyrical, soft and colorful - dramatic. In it poured folk tunes about the beauty of nature of the native Lithuanian open spaces. She was so magnificent that it seemed as if listening to her, picturesque paintings, appear in the imagination in a real dimension.

Composing music, he saw these landscapes with the “eyes” of his purest soul. They were so vividly imagined that the composer's dream to transfer his visions to the canvas was obsessive. His talent for painting was revealed unexpectedly.

Having decided for himself that no one else could convey so accurately all the subtleties of the senses, he began to study this art.

The painting "Friendship" in 1906, the artist dedicated to his faithful friend and sincere admirer of his talents - Broneslaw Wolman. She helped Mikaloyus a lot, including, and saved several times from death.

An unearthly beauty envelops the entire canvas, and as if there is no other magical space in the whole world. The Light of the Soul is freed from the shackles and recalls Love and Friendship - part of the tranquility and grandeur of heavenly forces. It is recalled that there is a fabulous country of Dreams in the world, where all the planned desires are fulfilled, around there are only kind and sincere people.

The sorceress from the picture expresses her love as the most precious thing she has. She is ready to give it to everyone, through the light that her soul radiates - and this is subject to every person.

After all, everything around is happening in unison with the Light emanating from its Soul.

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