Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov “Sunset”

Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov “Sunset”

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The painting “Sunset” is made in the traditional “Savras style”. The artist sketched one of his favorite times of the day - sunset. In this picture, most of it is hidden by dense vegetation and trees, but this is done solely in order to fully reveal the beauty of color and the riot of colors.

It can be seen that the sun is simply no longer able to penetrate a single ray through the dense foliage of forest trees, but despite this, the viewer still has the opportunity to observe its last rays on the left side. Thus, sunlight tries to completely drench the light of the contours of trees and the meadow, which is located nearby.

At the same time, the artist intentionally focuses on the foliage of the extreme tree, which tilted its branch to the side and thanks to the light that falls on them, each individual leaf becomes visible, which glows in a golden tone. As for the sky, you can see clouds on it that, with all their color, indicate that the sunset is close, the artist deliberately fills the sky with golden tones in order to further enhance this effect.

Thus, the sky acquires this deep yellow color and illuminates the path on which the artist stands at the time of painting. The road goes first along the trees and goes around the forest. If you look at the soil, you can see that it is completely dotted with stones, flowers and herbs, which hardly make their way up through the thick soil. It can be seen that this road is already quite old and beaten from riding along it, numerous traces that remained after the rain fell indicate this.

It’s not without reason that the artist chooses such a place, it can be seen that it is often visited, but most likely, people rarely notice the beauty around. Therefore, the picture is quite relevant and even has a certain acutely social connotation.

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