Description of the painting by Abram Arkhipov “Girl with a Jug”

Description of the painting by Abram Arkhipov “Girl with a Jug”

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A real Russian girl, magnificent, with a soft kind face, who is ready to give guests a drink of delicious rural milk. Red girl! Lepota !!!

There is something in this portrait from Kustodiev, but the latter does not have this simplicity - it’s more popularly popular, Russian is round dance - and here it seems like the Russian soul itself. And open and kind, with a strong powerful body and strong arms. And most importantly, not greedy - to share the last. That is indeed the Russian soul! That one is not invented, not sleek, not invented, but purely folk.

But the main thing here is color. It was the artist who began to write so vividly on canvases on peasant themes, although before this cycle he painted canvases with rather gloomy tones and somehow it was all hopeless. But in this cycle, the artist opened in a different capacity. The student of the great Russian painters Savrasov, Polenov, Pryanishnikov, Makovsky did not fail his students. He boldly experimented with paints. And he ensured that Tretyakov personally bought paintings from him for the collection.

But indeed the girl is depicted vividly: an orange blouse, a red apron skirt with a pattern of reddish hues. There is a bright blue cup in the hand and a jug in the other hand. And because it seems to us that it is presented too brightly, because the background is dark. It is due to this and brightness. That is why it seems to us that the girl is glowing. By the way, even the blush on her face is so bright red ... In general, a Russian beauty.

As for the artist himself, his life passed all in work. He really did a lot for the formation of the Russian art school after the 1917 revolution. He did not forget the origins, did not forget the great names of our school of painting. And this at a time when everything old was completely forgotten, and the new one smelled of culturelessness. Only for this we should be grateful to this painter. He did not betray his teachers.

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