Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Autumn. Manor

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Autumn. Manor

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In the 90s of the 19th century, Levitan lived for some time with friends, in the Tver province, not far from the village of Ostrovno, which still exists. There was Gorka's estate, owned by Privy Councilor Turchaninov. The main building of the estate is a two-story wooden house with a mezzanine painted yellow. This house Levitan depicted in two paintings - “March” and “Autumn. Manor ".

The picture shows late autumn, the artist’s favorite season. A gloomy day, usual for this time. The leaves are already fallen, and cover the ground almost completely. The first snow has not yet fallen, and you can feel that rustle underfoot. Yellowed leaves still hang on some trees, but the remaining leaves will soon be ripped off by the wind. In the background - the famous main house of the Gorka estate - that same two-story building with a mezzanine. A path leads to it (probably a road), barely visible under the fallen foliage.

Here you can see a striking contrast with the March spring landscape, painted a few months later. In the picture “March” it is seen that the house (that part of which the artist depicted) is painted yellow.

In the painting “Autumn. Homestead "the colors of the house are almost indistinguishable. They seemed to fade in anticipation of winter, lost on the background of flying foliage.

Judging by how carefully the smallest details were written out, this place made a great impression on Levitan. There are no people or animals in the picture. The artist leaves the viewer alone with autumn and a two-story house nearby. Despite the apparent desolation, he will not leave, there are almost always people here - Turchaninov’s wife with children and their friends, for example, Levitan.

Levitan's autumn paintings had a huge impact on many artists. This theme was present in the work of most Russian landscape painters of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Golden Autumn Painting Levitan

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