Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "The back of a girl"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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The canvas belongs to the brush of Salvador Dali. A work of art was written in 1925. The picture shows a girl with a naked shoulder, her back turned to the viewer.

To write the canvas, his sister posed for the artist. She was his muse and model until the time when Gala appeared in the life of El Salvador. Ana Maria, after their mother died, was the closest person for the master.

In the artist’s works, which saw the light from 1924 to 1926, the theme of the image of a female figure is clearly traced. One of these canvases is the painting “Back of a Girl”. The overall tone of the canvas is dominated by warm sand-honey shades, the soft brilliance of the surrounding space is elegantly emphasized.

In 1925, in Barcelona, ​​in the Dalmau Gallery, an individual exhibition of works of art belonging to Salvador Dali was first organized. This picture was presented on it. The canvas was not left without attention. The canvas was spotted by Pabl Picasso. The artist really liked the image and the picture was appreciated by him. Only a year later, Dali managed to meet with Picasso in Paris.

We can say that the canvas was made, almost repeating the classic style. The content of the picture is more than concise. It does not contain unnecessary visual and semantic load. The canvas seems to carry the viewer during the Renaissance. Due to the fact that the artist depicted a model from the back, this introduces a certain intrigue into the work. Thus, Dali, as it were, hints that the viewer should follow the look of a girl who admires the panorama of Cadaqués.

The nude shoulder of the model, the roundness of the lines creates a favorable contrast with straight and clear buildings. Also, attention is attracted by the skillfully laid curls of Ana, which the artist especially depicted.

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