Description of the painting by Pierre Renoir "Girls in Black"

Description of the painting by Pierre Renoir

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The scope of imagination, the grace of the models and the sad kind look of one of them on you and me. This is a painting by Renoir "Girls in Black." And why in black? It may be some kind of uniform for a female gymnasium, or these girls are present at the funeral and therefore black. Although no, it seems they are not at the funeral service, but somewhere in a restaurant. But clearly in mourning. Or maybe they returned from the funeral and decided to unwind to sit somewhere. And what? The option is good, especially since the girls are young and do not feel sad for a long time, as a rule. But maybe everything is not so scary. But still they are both sad and their black robe only adds longing and sorrow. But something else is warming in the eyes - probably hope. But so far they still live in memories, maybe about relatives, or maybe about a good friend. But apparently both have something to remember. At least one of them leaned towards the other and was going to say something in her ear. Maybe something pleasant, and probably not pleasant at all. But the fact that both of them are connected by a common misfortune. Although ... maybe this is a Parisian fashion? Maybe, even before Coco Chanel, black was in fashion and we have simple Parisian fashionistas in front of us? But then you can understand the dreaminess in the eyes and a certain courtesy in both of them. Renoir may have simply wanted to show dreamy romantic girls who live in Paris and are waiting for the prince on a white horse. It’s typical for Parisians to dream, but they can also be decisive enough when they realize that they are able to receive a dream. These two mademoiselle can be such “hunters of happiness” hiding behind black dresses and fashionable hats. But these are certainly not “fallen angels”, but not “fluffy kittens” either.

Renoir all his youth was looking for his genre. And often he was thrown from side to side. He painted landscapes, then portraits, then genre painting, or something else like that ... In the end, he remained in a non-genre style, although the style was impressionism.

Kramskoy Mina Moses

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