Description of the painting by Paul Gauguin "Women of Tahiti"

Description of the painting by Paul Gauguin

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The history of this picture began back in 1891, when Paul Gauguin decided to make an auction out of his works, and with the money earned at the same time, he decided to go on a trip to an island called Tahiti.

It was on this island that the next series of paintings by Gauguin began. He was very disappointed in the colonial French system and therefore went to the very depths of the island, which was less prone to civilization and its beginnings.

During this period, a number of paintings were written, which were quite well appreciated by critics of all time, but soon Gauguin was forced to leave back to the French capital, because he was ill and money was sorely lacking. Two years later, he returns and sets to work. The picture shows the image of two women who, in spite of everything, are in harmony with nature, who are in their paradise on earth and do not worry about civilization and the change in the surrounding world in this regard. This work describes the ideal life of these girls, which does not depend not on space, not on time.

The work is similar to frieze compositions of a decorative plan. On the faces of these girls do not notice a hint of a smile, but this does not mean that they are not happy, most likely, they do not know what it is. They are dressed in national clothes and apparently just relax without thinking about something high and eternal.

This is precisely the beauty of such a picture, which captured these two young ladies at the everyday moment of their life. Thanks to this originality, with the help of this picture, the viewer can be imbued with life and the situation as it really is, sad, without excesses, but a little strange, regarding the viewer's position.

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