Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "Chesme Battle"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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The Chesme battle is a heroic episode in the history of the war between the Turkish and Russian navies, which was during 1768-1774. From June 25 to 26, 1770, at night, Russian ships managed to "lock up" the Turks and defeat the enemy fleet. During the battle, 11 Russian sailors heroically died, and about 10,000 people were killed by enemies. This victory is considered unprecedented in the entire history of the battles of the Russian fleet.

The artist Ivan Aivazovsky, naturally, did not take part in this heroic battle, but painted a unique work of art, in which he very well showed the pride and joy of the sailors of the Russian fleet. The canvas was created by the artist of 1848. In this regard, the picture relates to the work of the great marine painter. This is a spectacle of battle, permeated with drama and passionate pathetics. The artist on this work of painting showed brilliant craftsmanship, a unique technique of performance, which for many years he studied at K.P. Bryullova. For the first time glancing at a picture, one feels joyful excitement from a brilliant firework.

By focusing on the details of the sketch, the plot is noticeably full. The battle, as in history, takes place at night. In the foreground, the artist showed the glorious heroes of the Russian fleet, and in the background are Turkish ships on fire, which no longer have salvation. Looking closely, you can see a lot of wreckage, and on them helpless sailors. Parts of the ship covered in smoke and fire that fly off during the explosion, turn into a huge bonfire over the sea waves. The author created an original combination of the three elements of nature, which together created a tragic firework that captivates the eye. One can see joy and pride in the native fleet, because the painter himself experienced moments of battle during the creation.

Probably Aivazovsky was the last artist who could competently present a romantic trend in Russian painting. The canvas "Chesme Battle" is on the glorious pages of the history of the Russian fleet.

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