Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin "View on the island of Valaam"

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin

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The painting was painted by Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin in 1858.

The painter depicted on the canvas the island of Valaam. We see the most beautiful time - summer. All greens are so juicy that you just can not help but rejoice. The painter managed to convey her freshness and beauty. How many shades of green Shishkin used.

To maximize the natural depiction of each blade of grass and each leaf. They are far from one monotonous color. Trees lit by the rays of the summer sun as natural as possible. We do not just see them, but as if we feel a slight breath of the summer breeze, which gently sways the leaves and grass. One would like to be here to enjoy the beauty and special silence, filled with barely audible sounds of nature. The grasshoppers are about to clatter and rustle slightly disturbed leaves. Each detail is traced by Shishkin as accurately as possible. There is a feeling that this is not even a picture, but a photograph.

The artist depicted a typical summer day, which is all imbued with sunlight. A soft blue sky, lush greenery, a quiet river, which can be more beautiful than this quiet charm of nature. Such a beauty, at first glance. Invisible. It can be seen every day. But this is precisely where its true strength lies. Only a master can not only see, but also convey in his picture wildlife, which is all drunk with the summer sun. In everyday life, we are all in a hurry somewhere. At no time to stop and listen.

Shishkin loved nature and knew how to convey its beauty. The artist’s skill is to notice the inconspicuous, find the unusual in the ordinary, hear the sounds of silence.

All nature in the picture is voluminous. Each stone is completely tangible, each blade of grass and tree leaves are voluminous. So I want to touch them, and it seems that this is quite real.

The painter put his soul into this picture.

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