Description of the painting by Mikaloyus Čiurlionis “Forest”

Description of the painting by Mikaloyus Čiurlionis “Forest”

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Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis is an artist who praised the beauty of nature of Lithuania, but not in the usual sense for us.

Many critics see in his paintings something cosmic, the struggle of heaven and earth. He takes art to a new level, presenting evolution not as a natural process, but as the influence of higher forces. The influence of space is felt in his paintings, which have a special attraction for the viewers.

The painting "Forest" is an excellent proof of this. He seeks harmony: a dark forest and a silvery haze enveloping the trees, as if trying to become one. The sky is decorated with bright and colorful elements and makes it clear to a person that nothing would have happened without him. This also suggests that the artist is more inclined to heavenly manifestations.

In fact, lights are dancing in the sky, like at the north pole, creating an uneven radiance over the entire surface. Many peoples who saw this natural phenomenon attributed to powerful spirits. For one tribe, this was the refuge of their ancestors, for others it was a reflection from swords, for example, like the Vikings.

The artist seeks to show that our thinking forest interferes with our spiritual development, represented by a colorful sky that develops the border of consciousness. The trees are crushed by their black oppression of reality.

The forest is depicted as some kind of magic of amazing shape, and above it the sky - luminous and mysterious "stars", transparent and elusive luminaries of an incomprehensible cosmos.

In the picture, all objects are subordinated to a single integral process of the cycle of other being. In his picture, one feels a certain detachment from the world of people. During his lifetime, many critics and connoisseurs of art considered the artist strange. Often Čiurlionis was not understood at all. His philosophy was too subtle, and in order to perceive this amazing work, it was necessary to have the same subtle attitude or at least to understand it.

The artist painted his paintings not with such high technology as with a deep soul. You can see the blurriness of forms that laconically fall on the general perception of the plot. They allow you to poetically consider the picture from different angles.

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