Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "Hermes"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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Salvador Dali is a painter from Spain, who is one of the brightest representatives of the surrealistic direction in art. After Salvador Dali was carried away by optical techniques, his next hobby was holography, after which the masterpiece comes out from under the brush of the master, called "Hermes". This work, like most of his paintings, is a flight of fantasy in its purest form.

Despite the fact that his style of presenting information through his artistic masterpieces is shown in distortion, you can still find an explanation for each picture, even the most intricate at first glance.

The main idea of ​​the picture is quite simple, for this it is necessary to build a small logical chain, which Dali followed during the painting. It depicts the god Hermes, who is the patron of wealth, income, trade and wealth. The person who reaches for him personifies the person's thirst for prosperity and prosperity.

The picture shows that it is not so easy to succeed, it is not so easy to touch happiness and wealth. Thus, Dali masked the simple human truths of life in rather bizarre and intricate forms.

For example, in this picture, the train that reaches for Hermes can only say that well-being is quickly rushing forward, and if you do not have time to catch it this time, then there might not be a second time. You should also pay attention to the perfect transition of colors, from the bottom up, which has a slightly depressing hue with a slight color for hope, the bright colors around Hermes testify to this, like a kind of aura.

Thus, you can understand that all the paintings of this artist are quite simple to understand, you just need to delve into the process of transmitting information.

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