Description of the painting by Alexander Golovin “Autumn”

Description of the painting by Alexander Golovin “Autumn”

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Golovin’s amazing landscape compositions cannot be confused with any other works. So, in the painting “Autumn”, combining the fabulous and the real, the brush master creates an amazing autumn symphony.

This canvas is a kind of painting panel, besides a decorative one, in which the mythical is combined with reality. When we look thoughtfully at the golden velvet foliage, a long-standing myth comes to mind, which tells us from time immemorial about how Zeus the Thunderer descended into prison in the golden rain.

Golovin’s autumn is golden and sunny, very beautiful. It seems that the leaves on the trees shimmer with different colors, and then fall to the ground, covering it with a velvet rustling carpet. We are pleased with the yellow and crimson outfits of autumn, but most of all the artist adorned her with gold. Maples and birches stretch to the sky, and through their peaks the rays of the warm sun shine through, which pour light onto the territory of Pavlovsky Park. And in the midst of this chic decoration, a marble statue whitens with a lone sail.

Magnificent snow-white marble as if immersed in the luxury of autumn nature. Around, everything shines and sparkles, and clean air and emerald-colored grass slightly covered with leaves frame a garden sculpture in which a graceful figure of a woman is guessed. We see on the disk-shaped pedestal not only female beauty, but also folds of clothes, which emphasizes the artist’s handwriting. And all this was presented by the master in a bewitching “frame” of the rays of the sun, which come from warm God.

No wonder Alexander Golovin became famous as a "poet of theatrical curtains", because the painting "Autumn" emphasizes that the artist perfectly mastered the art of creating captivating natural "frames" that symbolize the transition from reality to reflection on canvas.

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