Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "Sunset at Sea"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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The painting was painted in 1866

The painting was painted in 1856.

Many artists painted the sea. But only Aivazovsky managed to portray this unbridled element with incredible, truly magical accuracy. The painter was incredibly fond of the sea, which is why he could so faithfully convey his special breath and constant movement. Even when completely calm, there is a certain movement skillfully conveyed by Aivazovsky.

These landscapes of extraordinary beauty depict a magnificent sunset on the sea. The paintings are truly magical. The sun sets at sea very quickly. Only a master can so accurately capture all the features of the sea and sky at this moment. The viewer not only fully feels the light breeze or strong enough gusts of wind, but also the movement of a sailboat, slightly swaying in the waves.

How many all kinds of shades connected in the sky. It turns out that it is not just blue, as some are accustomed to traditionally consider. It is both dark blue, and bluish, and lilac, and almost black. The sun has almost set. It is not shown in the paintings. His light passes through the clouds, illuminates the sky and the sea. The clouds themselves are truly magnificent. They seem to glow from the inside with an extraordinary golden light emanating from the sun.

On the first canvas, the sea is absolutely calm, and on the second the stormy (almost a storm is depicted). It is far from blue. How many shades are connected here. Almost black, navy, cyan and golden.

A truly grandiose picture appears before the audience. No other painter has been able to depict the sea with such accuracy. Each landscape is vibrant, as if it were not a picture, but a real nature.

The amazing thing is that each time the sunset is different. Two identical just does not happen. Nature is always different, and this is its true charm and power. Aivazovsky not only felt this, but was able to convey in his paintings.

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