Description of the painting Firs Zhuravlev "Before the Crown"

Description of the painting Firs Zhuravlev

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This painting, like many other paintings by Zhuravlev, depicts the dramatic and “behind-the-scenes” world of the 19th century, reflected in numerous plays by Ostrovsky. Another love drama unfolds in front of the viewer - the young bride sits on her lap in sobs.

Marriage of convenience was not uncommon in those times. And this young lady is destined to play the role of the wife of a person she does not like. Most likely, her future husband is rich and very noble, but, alas, old and unpleasant to her. Nevertheless, a profitable marriage is much more convenient for the bride's parents, who decided in this way to significantly improve their precarious position in society.

The walls of the house are decorated with the faces of saints - the bride’s parents are deeply believing people. The bride’s father prepared for his daughter’s blessing for marriage, holds an icon in his hands, but now stands in confusion and watches her, not understanding what actions are required of him.

Mother of the bride stands behind her father. In the hands of her dish with freshly baked bread and salt for the bride and groom. The situation put the bride's parents in an extremely awkward position: confusion and surprise on their faces.

In the background, the viewer sees the groom and his relatives. Arrested by waiting, they decided to finally enter the door of the room. There was a noticeable whispering between the guests - such an event attracted too much negative attention. The condition of the groom is also noticeable - he is extremely dissatisfied with what is happening here and is ready to break loose just about not to observe this shame.

The viewer may assume that the outcome of this event does not bode well for either the bride or her parents. Most likely, this behavior of the bride angered the groom in earnest. This event could even upset the upcoming marriage, saving the girl from the sad fate of becoming the wife of the unloved, however, notoriety would only add problems to her and her family.

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