Description of the painting by Konstantin Vasilyev "Valkyrie"

Description of the painting by Konstantin Vasilyev

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The painting "Valkyrie" by Konstantin Vasiliev depicts Odin's daughter - a warlike blonde maiden, taking the lives of dying soldiers.

In general, the image of the war for Vasiliev was rather associated not with murder and mortal battles, but with the defense of the homeland and the great battles in which there was a place for its beauty and heroism. So in this picture, the ideal facial features of the girl are combined with her militant look. Strict nose, chin and lips in combination with cold blue eyes make it clear that this is the daughter of the icy North, and not the tender beauty who attracts the attention of young guys. Her firm gaze and heavy Scandinavian ammunition are signs of a warrior in her who is able to repulse any enemy. The girl’s eyes are calm and directed far towards the horizon in anticipation of another warrior who is destined to fall on the battlefield. The holy duty of the Valkyries to escort the brave warrior who heroically gave his life to Valhalla, the mythical country of true warriors.

The girl is depicted against a background of gloomy and heavy gray-black clouds, which, combined with bronze armor and the rigor of her face, makes the picture somewhat gloomy and gothic. But the necessary contrast is created by the golden-white hair magnificently developing in the wind. It is they who give the picture of life and dynamics. Yes, Valkyrie is a girl who could hardly create a quiet home comfort, but nevertheless she enchants the audience, arousing admiration for her strength and stamina, which were always inherent in the Rusich peoples.

Vasiliev took the image of the Valkyries from Scandinavian myths as the basis for creating the picture, but not of those terrible angels of death seeking to enjoy the bleeding soldiers; and later, romanticized, Valkyries - white-skinned virgins with golden hair, often appearing as riders on white horses or in the shape of swans. But the artist added features to this girl and the picture that make him see only something Russian and completely native in the composition.

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