Description of the painting by Vasily Tropinin "Guitarist"

Description of the painting by Vasily Tropinin

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Vasily Tropinin was engaged in painting portraits in a variety of genres, which could be completely different from each other. But most of the artist's contemporaries and connoisseurs of his work were most fond of portraits in which the author depicts the image of a guitarist. One of these paintings will be discussed.

In the picture we see a young guy 18-20 years old with snow-white, but slightly ruddy on his cheeks, skin, wavy hair and a neat mustache. Putting a simple chord, he plays an easy motive. According to the position of his head, it can be assumed that during the game he was distracted from the instrument for several seconds in order to look at the listener. This guy is most likely from a noble family, which we can guess from the facial features, delicate fingers and his clothes.

It is not surprising, by the way, that the guitarist wears a robe, which we can see in many of Tropinin’s paintings. He will be casually thrown over a shirt that is also casually unfastened on the upper buttons and cuffs. Such clothing expresses the leisurely and measured Moscow life, as well as the ease and freedom of thought that are inherent in this person. It is worth paying attention to the tool. A masterfully made guitar, the pegs of which are gilded, and the deck and shell are made of solid wood, most likely costs quite a lot, which once again confirms the social position of the musician in the picture.

Pictures with the image of a guitarist were extremely popular not only with the public, but also with the author himself. For this reason, in different years he painted a large number of portraits, similar to those described above. It apparently depicts Count Morkov in his youth. “The Guitarist in the Braid” is another name for Tropinin’s painting “The Guitarist”. There is something in this image that has always evoked and evokes pleasant associations: perhaps the guitar, which was just gaining popularity in those years, and perhaps the manner and style of painting, which depict a simple and understandable plot without pretentiousness and excesses.

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