Description of the painting by Konstantin Gorbatov “Novgorod”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Gorbatov “Novgorod”

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In the picture K.I. In the foreground are many boats with white sails. There are a lot of people in boats. Most likely, these are merchants who go to the church to serve. All of them sail to the pier of the glorious great city of Novgorod. Strong ripples in the water are striking. But even through it one can see the reflection of the magnificent domes of the white church.

The city has early spring. Although the ice on the river has already melted, all the land near the pier is covered with white snow. Under a high fence in the central part of the city there are many small houses: red, yellow green. Against the backdrop of pristine white snow, they look especially bright.

A wide, high yellow fence separates the city from the marina. It extends along the entire perimeter of Novgorod. Near the pier there is a large gate. Behind a high city fence, multi-colored roofs of houses can be seen. Somewhere far behind the fence, a large crowd of people. A lot of people can be seen at the city fence - people are in a hurry to enter the city.

Majestically and proudly over the whole city view rises a snow-white church with colored domes. Of course, this church is the central part of the picture. The church stands out with a bright white spot against the background of a gray, boring urban landscape. The artist thus emphasizes the importance of divine faith, the special status of the church. It is not without reason that on the canvas, the domes of the church rise high above other buildings. There are no more buildings of similar height in the city. Only the church has the right to be so close to heaven, so close to God. A divine glow falls from the heavens on church domes.

And the people are arriving and arriving. Boats are crowding each other so much that there is no longer room for their mooring. And now the whole small patch of river near the pier is clogged with boats with white sails.

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