Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "Towers"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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This picture is not one of the world-famous masterpieces of Salvador Dali. And probably few even know about its existence. The creation of this canvas took place in the period r called by the author himself: "Surrealism is me!"

Fundamental changes in Dali’s personal life and worldview lead him from cubism to a surreal reflection of reality. New ideas begin to appear in the paintings, embodied in the most unpredictable forms and images.

At first glance, Dali’s small picture of the “Tower” gives the impression of sublime alienation and a desire for solitude in this difficult world. Against a rather blurry background, written in sand and pastel colors of tonality, two figures of tall towers stand in the distance. Which, as if leaning towards each other to share something hidden. And clouds float above them, and in the center is a white sunspot, a little dull, like a ray of hope.

It was as if Dali was pushing us to think that even in the desert, on such a hilly and incapable of life terrain, there is always a ray of hope for the best, and it should be seen as the main emphasis of the master. And high towers - symbolizing human greatness, are nevertheless located on the sides. Their greatness depends on sunlight, that is, on the hope and faith of man in his own strength.

Particularly attractive in the picture is not the grandeur of the towers, not the expanse of the hilly desert, but the sunlight that seems to come from inside and penetrate the soul. The longer to watch. The stronger the light, the greater the feeling of hope! The author himself seems to convey this natural feeling of the correlation of the real and the desired in our life. Towers - a reflection of man in the natural world.

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