Description of the painting by Vasily Maximov “Everything in the Past”

Description of the painting by Vasily Maximov “Everything in the Past”

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The painting "Everything is in the Past" by Vasily Maksimovich Maksimov depicts two women, who are quite advanced.

One of them sits on the porch and knits a white stocking on her knitting needles for her grandchildren. At its head is a black scarf with white polka dots, framed downward by a strip of the color of sea foam. The shirt on it, which was once black, now looks like a faded whitish clothes made of linen.

The apron is gray in color, alternating into a checkered pattern with stripes of black and light brown, close to ocher - color. The skirt on this woman is long, right down to the floor, her color is also black with pinkish small and frequent flowers. Behind this woman is a samovar, and next to her on a wooden step is a Gzhel set of a large tea mug and a deep saucer of white-blue tones.

A little farther from us across the table from the previous person, another old lady is sitting on the armchair, she has a powdered wig on, underneath is a large soft pillow along her back, and another pillow is under her feet, next to her on the floor is a faithful dog. The lady herself is half asleep, as if putting her face to the sun, in the distance we see a mansion clearly belonging to her, and right at hand she has a wand, on which some old people lean when walking.

A lilac blooms over a woman. The robes of this woman are elegant, in a sense. Yellow colorful dress and bow around the neck. Butterfly in a wig of the color of a concentrated sea wave. Gray furs, black shawl and dark azure oriental slippers.

Behind the grandmother's handkerchief is an ordinary wooden house with two open wide windows, from which greenery sticks out, and a colorful blanket hung on the porch railing. The table is full of these two women, full of expensive dishes standing on a beautiful Indian brick-colored tablecloth ...

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