Description of the painting by Alexander Golovin “Flowers in a Vase”

Description of the painting by Alexander Golovin “Flowers in a Vase”

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A characteristic feature of the work of the artist Alexander Yakovlevich Golovin is the image of vivid and incomparable still lifes. The author especially liked to draw still lifes with various colors: from noble, such as roses, to simple and unusually beautiful modest wildflowers. Flowers are the central image of his compositions. Still life “Flowers in a Vase” is one of the artist’s most famous paintings.

This still life depicts a bouquet of bright flowers (phloxes, lilies, gladioli) framed by several roses, standing on a pier glass. Mirroring a vase of flowers gives the image a shade of additional expression. Images of white heavy curtains and a snow-white tablecloth bring a light gamut into the picture. From the canvas itself it blows with a special summer fragrant freshness and warmth.

Flowers in a glass vase, a carelessly thrown women's scarf with bizarre patterns, a box of gold standing next to it are sophisticated and attractive. They remind with their view of the mistress of this room, who cut such a bouquet or got it from the hands of a man in love with her.

In the picture itself there is a lot of sensual and beautiful. The red color that dominates here tells us about love, maybe passionate, maybe romantic.

Near the dressing table is a small figurine in the shape of a bird with a female face, also a symbol of the female element.

Various themes intertwined in this picture: this is the joy of youth and summer warmth, and the beauty of nature, personified in a bouquet of fresh flowers, and the desire for love. Therefore, it is worth looking at such a picture in moments of emotional anxiety and sadness. The joyful mood embedded in it will give strength to the viewer and give him some wonderful moments of admiring the magical world of art!

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