Description of the painting Pablo Picasso Dora Maar with a Cat

Description of the painting Pablo Picasso Dora Maar with a Cat

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Dona Maar was a lover, faithful companion of life and girlfriend of Pablo Picasso. This was a beautiful, mysterious woman. The reason that she is depicted extremely terribly on all Picasso Don’s canvases was the period in which the relations of this woman and the great artist unfolded. The World War was reflected in all spheres of life of each person. This did not bypass the work of the Spanish master brush. The union of Dona Maar and Pablo Picasso can not be called romantic, sentimental. It would be more correct to say that their relationship was the organization of two minds, intellectuals, artists.

It's no secret that when two people with a strong character converge, their relationship is more a struggle between two extraordinary personalities. Perhaps, precisely because of this fact, Picasso painted the beautiful Dora very distorted, giving her sharp corners and dark shades.

The characteristic objects for the Maar on the canvases of Picasso were hats and long sharp nails. The hat emphasized the involvement of women in the surrealist movement. In life, these details of appearance were important enough for a woman, which is probably why Picasso emphasized them in his works.

The portrait of Dora Maar with the Cat emphasizes the sharpness of the nails with the presence of a small black cat. The nails depicted in the picture are a symbol of the nails of rampant feline representatives. Blue nails painted by Maar are a symbol of possessing power, violence. Pablo Picasso has repeatedly stated that he compared the character of Dora Maar with the temperament of an Afghan cat. The artist resorted to cubic methods of drawing. Thus, he processed the beautiful, sophisticated, oval face of his beloved Dora into an unrecognizable and deformed caricature. The woman's ear in the image is located under the eye, her mouth twisted into a smile. And the face itself is represented simultaneously from two sides: frontal and profile.

Behind the woman is a cat. Her position is also quite uncertain. On the one hand, the animal is quite cute and funny, but the color of the cat emphasizes the frightening notes of the work. Pablo Picasso presented the combination of a woman and a cat as a combination of endless sexual aggression and cunning, typical of the fair sex. The black cat is definitely a symbol of Dora Maar’s hot, fiery personality and the relationship between the two artists. Thus, the interweaving of various emotions of Picasso resulted in the painting “Dora Maar with a Cat”, which is the proud heritage of the box of world creativity today.

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