Description of the painting by Claude Monet Garden corner in Montgeron

Description of the painting by Claude Monet Garden corner in Montgeron

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Monet's painting “The Corner of the Garden in Montgeron” was painted in 1876-1877. Now it is stored in the collection funds of the State Hermitage.

Looking at the picture, our gaze reveals a beautiful, quiet garden with certain mysteries and riddles hidden in the thickets. Lush and luxurious bushes bloom bright, colors: orange-red and yellow shades.

It seems that the artist applied paints in a chaotic manner. The picture is dominated by yellowish-green tones, creating the illusion of reality, as if it was not a written image, but a photograph. Green shades give the garden a breath of spring and warmth.

Colors seem to play with each other. They double, split into shades, forming the color characteristic of this work.

The garden looks like a beautiful open bouquet: expressive, airy, lush. Color rendition At the same time both realistic and expressive. The landscape is like a sketch sketch created by an artist in a short period of time. Hence the feeling of impressionism, light, bright and sunny mood.

Maybe someone will think that the picture lacks a bit of clarity, sharpness, due to the fact that the image is constantly in motion. The impression of obscure, floating figures, mysterious and ghostly. The lighting itself in the creation is a little dim, one might even say twilight.

The picture gives the viewer the impression of peace, tranquility. There is no fuss and daily problems in it. This place is a real corner of calm nature and measured life, silence, kind, pure feelings and thoughts.

Even the colors themselves in the picture are light, clean and open, without any color experiments. But still it cannot be said that the image turned out to be too simple. Thanks to impressionism, the landscape looks real, solid and complex.

A wide variety of flowers and greenery grows in the garden. Garden trees occupy the bulk of the landscape. Their image is mesmerizing, immersing the viewer in the soft coziness of their beautiful forms. Like clouds, they carry lightness and airiness, filling the whole space. Moreover, the picture is close to reality itself, sometimes even overshadowing it with its beauty and brightness.

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