Description of the painting Edgar Degas Blue Dancers

Description of the painting Edgar Degas Blue Dancers

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Want to take a peek into the world of theater backstage? Out of the corner of my eye to notice the premiere vanity, try to feel the excitement of the artists before going on stage? The best connoisseur of ballet among artists Edgar Degas with his works will help the viewer in this.

As you know, Degas practiced direct personal visits to theaters, where he carefully watched the movements of the ballerinas, noting every detail in the psychophysics of the artists, so that they could then be carefully conveyed in the smallest nuances on their canvases.

The painting “Blue Dancers” depicts four ballerinas in blue tutu, who are probably waiting for their part. We catch the girls at the time of the last preparations, when they check whether the stage dresses are in order, whether their hair is laid correctly, because after a minute they will no longer have all this.

It would seem that there is nothing unusual in the picture. But if you look closely, you get the impression that we see a silent frame of silent cinema, as it were. It was as if the girls froze for a second, so as to rush back to their occupation. And this occupation may well be the dance that the dancers perform. After all, someone will see and present just such a fragment of the creativity of young ballerinas.

Full of charming grace, Degas’s heroines whirl in an enchanting composition when they were stopped for a moment by the artist’s brush. However, someone has the right to offer their version of what is happening in the picture. But what if only one ballerina is involved in the plot, but drawn from different angles? This is also possible, despite the fact that the name refers to the plural number of girls.

Regardless of age, and the canvas dates from 1897, Blue Dancers still delight in their vibrant atmosphere and incredible truthfulness of form, which, of course, is the merit of such a talented master of painting as Edgar Degas.

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